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Make an Adult party a Main Event! A great idea for pretty much any type of celebration, such as… Office, Team Building, Birthday, Reunion, Holiday, Girl’s Night Out, Ladies Bible Class, Couples, Anniversary, Friends and Family, or ‘Just Because’ Party! 

Make your Child’s party memorable with a Paint Party for a Birthday, Holiday, School’s Out, Back-to-School, Summer Fun, Team, Scout, Club, or ‘Just Because’ Party. Kids parties are for Kids ages 6* thru 17 (adults can also paint in kids parties).
*Note: An adult will need to sit with and assist each child under age 6.



    Paint Palooza is a Mobile Paint Party… We bring the party to you! You pick a venue from our venue list OR we can bring the Paint Party to Your Venue with adequate lighting. (Please cover carpet as you see fit, in case of inadvertent paint or water spills.)

    We will bring all paint supplies, including aprons. Please have the tables set up & covered with plastic table covers before we arrive. Expect us to arrive approximately 1 hour prior to instruction start time, for set up. Instruction lasts up to 2 or up to 3 hours, depending on your painting selection. Clean Up is quick & easy! It’s Just That Simple!

    How to Throw a Successful Private Paint Party


    1. Pick the Right Painting

    –     Kid party – Pick a painting that all guests can complete, based on the age of the guests, etc. We will gladly consult with you on your selection.

    –     Size matters – The most common canvas size is 16″ x 20″, however, if your paint party time is limited or you are hosting a kid’s paint party, you may want to select an 11″ x 14″ canvas for your party.  

    –      Adult party – If wine or other alcoholic beverages will be served before and/or during the painting time and to ensure your guests can follow the instructions, then you may want to limit the number of drinks until the painting is complete. Relaxed is great, but we would like your guests to love their painting!

    2. Allow for Room – In home party space is often restricted.

    Painter’s Room – You should allow enough space per table for your canvas + water cup, more room if food will be available during the painting time so painters are comfortable. Easy access between tables is often overlooked. Here’s a general guide to help with planning your table spacing for comfort, when selecting a landscape style painting selection:

    • 11×14 canvas = leave approximately 20″ to 22″ space
    • 16×20 canvas = leave approximately 26″ to 28″ space
    • Minimum of 30″ between tables – you can also alternate spacing of painters to allow for more room.
    • A lessor amount of space is needed for portrait style painting selection

    Avoid placing painters with their backs to the instructor, if possible. If room allows, painters may be placed at the end of a table, facing the instructor.

    Optional: If available, a raised platform works best for large parties, so all guests can easily view the instructor. Another option is to use bar height tables in the back of regular height tables to allow for a better view of the instructor.

    Instructor’s Room – Allow a 6’x6′ area for the instructor to paint and instruct in front of the guests. A small table for the instructor to place the paints on will be helpful and appreciated.

    3. Lighting – It is important that all guests are able to see their canvas. Lighting is best above or behind the painters so the light does not blind the guests and so they can easily see their own canvas as well as the artist’s instruction.

    4. Instruction Start Time – To ensure your art instruction starts and ends on time, communicate with the instructor to determine expectation.

    5. Guests Arrival Time – Guests are often late to the party. This creates a challenge for the instructor. If the instruction start time is delayed, the completion of instruction will also be delayed and may result in additional costs, see “Pricing”. To avoid a delay, it is recommended that invitations should include an earlier time of arrival or earlier instruction start time on the party invitation, i.e. 15 or 30 minutes.




    Adult Paint Class on 16″ x 20″ canvas is:

    2 Hour Paint Classfor $350* and includes up to 10 painters. Each Additional Painter is $35*. Each painting instruction will last up to 2 hours. 

    3 Hour Paint Class for $400* and includes up to 10 painters. Each Additional Painter is $40*. Each painting instruction will last up to 3 hours. 

    Note: Your painting selection will drive the length of class. Our painting portfolio includes over 600 2-hr painting options and over 400 3-hr painting options.

    Child / Adult / Family Paint Class on 11″ x 14″ canvas is:

    2 Hour Paint Class for $300* and includes up to 10 painters. Each Additional Painter is $30*. Each painting instruction will last up to 2 hours. Painting selection is limited based on age of painter.

    Note: Our kids/family painting portfolio includes over 160 painting options.


    A Paint Palooza “Open” Private Paint Party on 16″ x 20″ canvas is for Adults only. This option is great for painters who like to have fun with trying their hand at their own art without buying all their supplies or without having to clean up the mess! The price is $300* and includes up to 10 painters on either canvas or wine bottle. Each additional painter will be $30*.

    • Maximum occupancy varies by venue
    • A 3 hour painting time limit – each additional 1/2 hour is $25
    • No Formal Step by Step Instruction
    • Limited Guidance – no formal instruction
    • Painting Selection – We will bring up to 5 example paintings from which you and your guests may paint


    Important Information (Please read before booking your party)

    Instruction times will vary based on painting selection and painters experience levels. Let us know when scheduling your party if you are limited on your painting time so we may consult accordingly.

    The above prices include setup of painting supplies (usually about 45 min to 1 hr) prior to instruction start time and cleanup (usually about 30 min) after painting instruction completes. Painting supplies includes easels, canvases, paints, aprons, and brushes. Painters take their painting with them as the paint should be dry by the end of the painting event.

     *Important Notes:
    • Above Pricing is Cash Pricing
    • 5% Payment Processing fee will apply on all credit/debit card payments.
    • Parties secured less than 2 weeks from party date may incur an expedited surcharge
    • Credit/Debit card payments must be completed prior to the party date and may be handled via phone.
    • Travel and/or Parking fees may apply.
    • All Mobile Paint Parties are booked for up to 2 or up to 3 hours of painting instruction time, depending on the painting selection.  Additional time over the scheduled time of painting instruction will be $50 per additional 30 minutes of instruction. Please let us know before your event date if you know you will need additional time.


    If you would like to check party date and time availability, call us at 210-481-6144 or send an inquiry Here. The earlier the request, the better chance you have to book your Paint Party with Paint Palooza! We prefer 4 weeks advance notice to secure your date and time. Last minute parties may incur an additional charge to expedite our process.




    To view our Venue options, click Here. Please contact your venue choice to determine its requirements, i.e. minimum spend (if applicable) and availability prior to reserving your date with us. Your selected venue may require a credit card for your reservation.


    We can also bring the Paint Party to Your venue (i.e. clubhouse, favorite restaurant, business conference room, or even your home) with ample seating area, instruction area, and lighting. A damage waiver will be required. (party hosts should cover flooring, chairs, and tables as you see fit; be careful of trip factor when covering flooring; tarps should be taped down)

    Outside Painting Requirements: 

    • Temperature must be between 60 & 80 degrees
    • Fans must be on low volume
    • Must not be in a windy area or must be protected from winds


    Call Us with questions or click Here to send us your party request. We provide all painting supplies. 

    Please check the venue to find out if outside refreshments are allowed, i.e. cake or ice cream.

    Note: If you would like to have regularly scheduled private or public paint parties for your community, Girls Night Out, Church events, or other recurring events, please call 210-481-6144 for more information, or email us Here



    Read To Book? … Check availability Here … OR … Need to ask questions? … Email or Call us.


    A contract and security (deposit) may be required to reserve your date and time on our calendar. (See Cancellation Policy regarding deposit refund requirements.)


    We can establish a private party payment option with a private link, through This will allow the Paint Party Host to send a link with the party e-vite for guests to register & pre-pay for this party in advance. Party Host must request this option at least 2 weeks in advance of party date. Payment Processing fees will apply.



    After booking a Paint Party, we will send a link to our paintings catalog of over 1000 options. To view a Sample of the Paintings we offer, click HERE .


    Customized Paintings:

    There will be an additional $75 to $100 and require a minimum 3-week lead time prior to the party. This payment:

    1. Must be paid in advance
    2. Will be used to pay for the artist’s time to create the painting
    3. Is non-refundable

    If copyright issues apply, changes to the requested picture should be expected. If you would like a customized painting, please send your picture to for consultation prior to making your down payment. Paintings may be simplified so they can be instructed within our party time frame. These customized paintings become property of Paint Palooza.




    A two week (14 calendar day) notice of cancellation is required for private paint parties, prior to your event date. There will be no refund if your party is canceled less than two weeks prior to your event date. Rescheduling will be at the discretion of Paint Palooza and is based on availability.


    There is no tip standard for this industry and they are not required. If you loved your instructor, they appreciate the compliment of a being tipped. If you would like to tip your instructor, please tip them directly.


    We can provide paint party entertainment for your fundraising event at one of our listed Venues or your Venue, allowing your customers and volunteers to participate in all the FUN while giving back at the same time! You can elect to make this a Private Event or a Public Event.

    Your fundraiser may include Auctions and Raffles to increase your fundraising efforts. You can invite Non-Painters to attend the event Free (OR Pay at the Door) in order to maximize your donations.

    Call Us with questions and to schedule your fundraising entertainment. All fundraisers are a minimum of $45 per person painting on 16×20 canvas with $10 per person going toward the non-profit organization after the completed event. You may elect to raise the event fee to gain additional donations, however, the minimum guarantee and prepaid requirement are the same. Fundraising Payouts will be paid after minimums are reached. 


    ***Residual Donations***

    We will make additional donations from additional individual parties which are secured within 14 calendar days from your fundraising event, when they provide a specific code they receive at your fundraiser. We will donate an additional $5 per head for each party completed within 60 days of your fundraising event. Host must mention your fundraiser when securing the party. 



    Q1. What is required to schedule a fundraising event?
    A1. The following items are required to schedule a fundraising event:

    1. A $160 deposit to guarantee 10 painters. Deposit is applied towards final payout or refunded if event is canceled a minimum of 14 calendar days prior to event date. Event date may be rescheduled only 1 time (a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the initial event date). A reschedule fee may apply.

    2. Paint Party Contract                                                                                                                                                  

    3. A Tax-Exempt Certification letter must be emailed to

    4. A completed Advertising Plan of Action must be provided prior to scheduling the event on our calendar.

    Q2. Can Painters pay individually?
    A2. Painters should pay the fundraising company which will pay Paint Palooza directly.


    Q3. What size canvas will be used? 
    A3. Painters will paint on 16″ x 20″ canvases in up to a 2 hr event. The length of the event will generally depend on the painting selected. 

    Q4. Will Paint Palooza advertise to help increase attendance?
    A4. ALL paid advertisement is at the non-profit organization’s expense. If desired, Paint Palooza can share some ideas to assist with your promotions. Paint Palooza will announce public fundraisers on all social media outlets.

    Note: See Cancellation Policy in the Policy tab regarding deposit refund requirements.


    NON-PROFIT (WITH 501 (c3) Tax ID)

    There is a 15-painter minimum.

    NON-PROFIT (WITHOUT 501 (c3) Tax ID)

    There is a 20-painter minimum.


    1. Non-Profit companies will need to pay Paint Palooza directly prior to the event for the minimum required or minimum guaranteed number of painters, per the contract.
    2. All painters/attendees waive all rights, including copyright, to all videos & pictures taken at the party, and all advertising materials. See Terms & Conditions.


    Paint Palooza only donates to non-profit organizations, however, a Paint Party can help to get the word out for your organization/cause. Auctions are a great way to achieve your financial goals. These fundraisers will be handled as a private paint party. A Paint Palooza fundraiser representative can offer suggestions to help you increase your profits to go with your Paint Party … Just ask for the Fundraiser consultant when you call 210-481-6144.


    Paint Palooza has participated in fundraising efforts for the following Non-Profit Organizations:

    Bandera Kiwanis

    Boys Town


    TXHR (Texas Husky Rescue)



    We may take action-shot pictures to show off your great work and to post on our social media. If you LIKE our Facebook page, you may TAG yourselves or SHARE our pictures with your Facebook Friends. When you book a party, please advise us if you prefer us not to post pictures on Social Media.